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Christmas Scuba Wishes

Great Vis Scuba - Friday, December 20, 2013

To all our friends and fans, have a Merry and Safe Christmas and Holiday Season.  May 2014 be your best year yet!

 Rich, Sally, Josh, Kip, and Cona!

Sale at Great Vis Scuba

Great Vis Scuba - Sunday, November 17, 2013
2013 is winding down and so is our lease!  Come take advantage of our sale as we prepare to move. Enjoy saving on Wet Suits, Cameras, Dive Computers and More!  20-50%  and higher on select items.

Diving in Minot ND

Great Vis Scuba - Monday, September 09, 2013

Business opportunities have beckoned in Minot North Dakota.  In Minot to work on the Silver Springs Development in Surrey, it became obvious that there was no one doing dive training in the area. 

Resolving some issues like pool availability have been handled and we're ready toMidnight Parrot Fish in cozumel start offering classes.  Whether you want to get your initial certification or want to advance your dive experience we can help.  Don't let the short season scare you either.  The pool is indoors and we can finish your cert this winter in Bonaire if you join us on our mid January trip to the tropic, or want a referral to another tropical locale while you vacation there.  Referral is one way to minimize your training activities and maximize your vacation diving!

New Open Water Class

Great Vis Scuba - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Student Diver underwaterGreat Vis Scuba is pleased to announce that we have a new package price for the PADI Open Water Diver Certification Class. 

For only $349 you get our personalized smaller class sizes, your tuition, books, rental gear, pool training, classroom sessions and open water dives, including the Ferry Fare or Boat Charter fee to complete your last two dives at Catalina!

You also have the option of taking the PADI eLearning in lieu of the classroom sessions.  Students going the eLearning route can do their book learning on-line 24/7.  The price for Great Vis's portion of the package is $249.(Students must pay PADI divers in Fijidirect for the eLearning.)

The next class starts July 9th and ends on the 28th.  Come in and get your books and get started today!

Then once your are certified come dive with us in places like Anacapa, San Diego, Cozumel, the Bahamas, Fiji and Bonaire!

Giant Black Sea Bass Spotted in Dive Park

Great Vis Scuba - Sunday, June 02, 2013

Giant Black Sea Bass were spotted by Josh from Hemet, John from Banning and Rob from Beaumont on their trip to the Catalina Dive Park last week.  Other sightings have been reported by our friends from the Sundiver Giant Sea Bassand the Selky.  This guy was about 4' long and estimated to be about 150 lbs.  There have been sightings of over 6' long 500+ pound fish. 

Don't be alarmed by their size though, they are harmless to divers.  In fact if you remain still and calm, there is a good chance they may swim nearer for that close-up picture!

The amazing behemoth fish were facing extinction and became a "protected" species in 1982.  Fortunately they seem to be making a comeback as more and more of them are spotted hanging out around Catalina and Anacapa.  They have even been spotted along the coast on shore dives.

Bonaire Trip on Tap

Great Vis Scuba - Saturday, May 04, 2013

Bonaire is our next big tropical dive trip.  Tucked in the southwest corner of the Caribbean, Bonaire is the shore diving capital of the world.  The weather will be awesome in January and the diving is incredible year round.

Bonaire Dive dockWe'll be staying at Captain Don's Habitat.  Habitat has it's own house reef which is great for easy access and makes a quick night dive or dive before lunch an easy feat.  Our group will have one boat dive per day and unlimited shore diving.  This means Captain Don will let you dive as many tanks as you can  handle.  We have arranged for one truck for every four guests on the trip so we can access the myriad of sites on the calm west side of the island.

We have mostly Ocean View rooms for 2 people and a couple of 2 Bedroom units that will accommodate four guests (these rooms are slightly less per person.  Breakfast is included everyday, and we have included a seaside barbecue for our closing Dinner on Friday Night. 

As with all Great Vis Scuba dive trips, we try to include as much as possible.  The price of the trip includes Air Fare from LAX, transfer from the airport in Bonaire to the resort, lodging, the diving, departure tax, reef tax, commemorative t-shirt, one pair of cheap sunglasses and accompaniment by seasoned escort/dive instructors.

The dates of the trip are January 18-25, 2014.  Check our trips page on our website for more details or call the shop. Price per person for double occupancy in an Ocean view room is $2199.  Discounts for non-divers, children traveling with 2 parents, and cash available.  Single supplement available.  Call (951) 929-8356 to secure your spot!



Warmer Weather Has Arrived

Great Vis Scuba - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The "warmer weather" everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived.  The higher temperatures make the beach and boat trips much more appealing.  Great Vis Scuba encourages those of you who have been waiting, to come on in and learn to dive.

Divers underwater at Dive ParkWhether you dive from the beach, the Dive Park at Catalina or from a charter boat like the Sundiver, you can enjoy the beautiful California aquatic world while escaping the Inland Empire heat.  Taking classes or once certified you'll find that nothing beats diving as an escape into adventures.  Enjoy the camaraderie of post dive story telling and talking about the cool things you saw.  Take up underwater photography and share pictures of what you saw on Facebook or other social media.

Bottom line, Bottom Time is the best way to beat the Heat!

Lifestyle of Scuba Travel

Great Vis Scuba - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Once we complete the process of becoming certified in SCUBA, we become part of the fraternity of divers.  As divers we revel in going to depths where most of world's population has never, and will never go,  We love visiting the underwater realm, whether in oceans or fresh water for the adventure which is diving.  Whether your dream dives are for taking pictures of tropical reef fish, exploring historic wrecks, or just chilling out, diving is the best vacation.

But the diving is oDive Trip Briefingnly part of the adventure.  Because we can only stay as long as air supply and nitrogen load limits allow, the biggest part of any trip, local or faraway, is the social aspect.  Take our recent trip to the Bahamas, many of us did four dives per day, spending an average of an hour per dive in the water.  The rest of the day was spent in social activities like conversations about what we saw, telling yarns about past trips and exploits, and sharing plans and bucket lists for future adventures.


Not only do we have stories about our dives, but getting to boat, resort, island, etc., gives us stories.  With international travel we visit remote islands and villages, tropical cities and experience different cultures.  In Fiji we visited an isolated island village and drank Kava, in Cozumel we experienced a real local Mexican food in  non-tourist trap establishment and in Bimini we had Conch Salad and local Rum! (Some of us more than others).  All great shared experiences with our diving buddies! 

 We really hope to see you on our next trip when we go to Bonaire next January.  Come make some adventures and new stories to share!

Back From Bahamas

Great Vis Scuba - Sunday, April 21, 2013

Barracuda  Lionfish ReefA group of Great Vis Scuba divers just returned from the Bahamas after a week long trip on the Juliet.  We did several dives a day and had a great time above and below the water.  For a sample of what we saw underwater check out our Photo Gallery.  Just a few pictures,to give you  an idea what you can see in the Caribbean!

In the foreground of this picture is a Lionfish.  The Lionfish is a non-native invasive species with no natural predators in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. They eat voraciously, cleaning out the reef nurseries of juveniles and cleaner fish.  We hunted some, and they are tasty.  I don't normally condone hunting on our dive sites, because we go to see the fish, but this is one exception.

 Our next Gallery will have pictures of the divers on the trip.  The friendship and cameraderie we shared on the trip was incredible.  I hope we can share future memories on our next trips!

New Divers at Great Vis

Great Vis Scuba - Thursday, March 28, 2013

Congratulations to Chris and Don on completing their Open Water Certifications!  After braving some tough conditions at Corona Del Mar on Saturday for dives one and two, they had Great Vis and awesome conditions on dives 3 & 4 on Sunday.  Chris's dad, Dan (certified with Great Vis two years ago), dove with Josh and our friends The Sundiver Express at Catalina.  A beautiful day, lots of critters, from Sea Hares to Horn Sharks.

After completing their training dives, they really enjoyed the third dive of the day on Sunday - no training, just diving.  Just enjoying the fruits of their training and the camaraderie that comes with the fun of sharing your dives with your friends.

Dan welcome back, with Chris diving now, we hope to see more of you! Don and Chris, welcome to Great Vis Scuba, and hope to have you keep diving with us!

For those of you thinking about getting certified and enjoying this lifestyle, we have a class starting the second week of April!

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