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July 2012

Great Vis Scuba - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

July was a busy month for Great Vis.  We had an open water class, trips to the beach and Catalina, Seal Team missions and more!  Congratulations to Jeanette of Redlands on completion of her PADI Open Water Certification!

 We had Josh and Ken graduate the Instructor Development Course in San Diego, now awaiting the PADI Instructor Exam next week.

 Advanced Open Water students dove the Yukon and Ruby, and completed their Underwater Navigation and Search and Recovery Dives at Corona Del Mar.  Poor conditions on the NOSC Tower prevented the completion of their certs, but that was remedied at Redondo Beach on August 27th.  Congratulations to Jenny, Corby and Kath of Beaumont, CA.

Advanced Open Water Divers December 2011

Great Vis Scuba - Friday, December 16, 2011


Congratulations to Eric, Chris, Kevin, Warren, Carissa, all of Hemet, and Rhonda of Winchester, on completing their Advanced Open Water Certifications.  On the 3rd, they did their Underwater Navigator and Search and Recovery Dives at Corona Del Mar.   Lots of Compass work!  Eric and Chris each won a Great Vis T-Shirt  when they navigated a 100' square back to within 6' of their starting point.  Stellar navigation guys!

 This past Saturday the group went out again, this time on the Marissa in San Diego.  The first dive went according to plan.  Down to the Yukon, 95' below, where we saw the effect of depth on colors and an egg yolk.  After checking the minor variations in everyone's depth gauges/computers, we ascended slightly for a quick partial tour of the Yukon super structure before it was time to go.

 The next dive was not supposed to be a night dive, but due to the Marissa getting a late start, we wound up with two night dives.  Skills for boat diving, nitrox diving and night diving were completed by different buddy teams with everyone completing enough adventure dives to merit their advanced certifications.  Congratulations all.

Advanced Open Water Class Dives on December 3rd

Great Vis Scuba - Tuesday, December 06, 2011

On Saturday, December 3rd, Great Vis conducted two dives toward the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification at Corona Del Mar.

Participants included Chris, Eric, Kevin, Carissa and Warren of Hemet, Nikki of San Jacinto and Rhonda from Winchester.  The buddy teams took part in the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive and the Search and Recovery Adventure Dive.  In spite of relatively low visibility all were successful in meeting the requirements of both dives. 

 Especially impressive was Chris and Eric's 100 foot compass square.  Navigating the low vis on compass only, the team negotiated 4 100 foot long legs and returned to within 6' of the starting point.  Outstanding Navigation!

 The next dives for this class will be from the Marissa on the Yukon, and in the Kelp off Point Loma.  The dives will be the Deep, Enriched Air and Night Adventure Dives.

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